General information

Integrated Literacy

At Oak Ridge, we believe that literacy instruction is very complex! students need to read, write, listen, speak and think deeply throughout the day. They must have practice doing these things with many types of texts at their appropriate level and across all subject areas. We achieve this through Integrated Literacy.

Integrated Literacy consists of three components: Literacy Block, Literacy Workshop and Targeted Reading Instruction. The Literacy Block is the time of the day when teachers deliver reading and writing mini-lessons to students. Students practice the reading and writing skills whole class, in small groups and finally independently, in their own text. Students also participate in Literacy Workshop each day, which consists of workshop stations in the areas of: fluency, reading, writing, word study and conventions. During this time teachers work with students in small groups, based on academic needs. Teachers also work with leveled Guided Reading groups during workshop time.  Finally, students are grouped in Targeted Reading groups each day for specific instruction in phonics, and fluency. Students either work in small groups within the SIPPS (Systematic Instruction in Phonemic Awareness, Phonics and Site Words), or are grouped by reading level and participate in literature circles during this block of time.