General information


It is our goal here at Oak Ridge to prepare our students to live a healthy and physically active lifestyle.  Our Physical Education department is centered on this concept.  We are focused on ensuring that every student is learning multiple movement skills and that every student is engaged in rigorous physical activity for 100 minutes per week.  We strive to create an environment where all students feel comfortable trying out multiple skills which they may or may not have been exposed to in their past.  Hopefully this will inspire them to seek out different forms of activity and exercise when they are away from school.

Some of the skills that they will learn:

  • Kicking, dribbling and punting a Soccer ball.
  • Jai Lai / Lacrosse
  • Throwing a frisbee
  • Volleying
  • Underhand & Overhand Throwing
  • Throwing a football
  • Swinging a baseball bat
  • Catching / Receiving
  • Rolling a ball
  • Swinging a racket
  • Dribbling, shooting and passing a basketball
  • Catching a rolling ball