The Sacramento office of the Orrick law firm has been a partner with Oak Ridge Elementary for over five years. In that time, they have given invaluable support which helps sustain our school community.


May 1, 2012

Dear Betty and the Orrick Team,

We have enjoyed another fabulous year at Oak Ridge.  We were excited to return from summer and learn that our Academic Performance Index had soared 82 points—the biggest gains in the school district.  We have worked hard this year developing a student-centered curriculum, increasing family engagement, and maintaining strong ties with our partners in learning.

We are deeply indebted to Orrick for their partnership with Oak Ridge Elementary.  It is said that it takes a whole community to educate a child. Orrick understands this, and is highly committed to our success.  We thank Orrick for their great sense of civic responsibility.  We realize that this has been a team effort and we acknowledge the work of Betty Neil, Je’nine Throntona, Virginia Magan, John Myers, and Norman Hile, and other members of the Orrick team that have pitched in.  Our students, staff, and families extend their deepest appreciation for your continued involvement at Oak Ridge.  Your partnership has been key to maintaining programs, building relationships, and providing a rich learning environment.  With Orrick’s support, we were able to successfully complete the following projects during the 2011-2012 school year:

·     Beginning of the Year Welcome Back Staff Luncheon

·     Welcoming Balloons for the First Day of School

·     Oak Ridge Spirit Clothing Provided to All Students

·     Enriching Performing Arts Productions presented by Fantasy Theater

·     Take Your Child to Work Day

·     Participation in Science Camp at Alliance Redwoods for Every Sixth Grade Student

·     Staff Recognition Incentives for Monthly Staff Meetings

·     Student Incentives for Maintaining Positive Attendance

·     End of Year Celebration & Staff Breakfast

·     Tutoring in the Classrooms

During these difficult financial times, schools often bear the brunt of cuts, reduced spending, and dwindling budgets.  With the support of Orrick, we have been able to continue valuable programs at every grade level. I speak on behalf of the entire Oak Ridge team when I thank Orrick for its generous support.

Finally, I thank Betty Neil for the incredible commitment she has made to our school.  She regularly tutors first graders as they learn to read.  She is here early and stays late during special events like the Five Star Restaurant.  She is thoughtful, hard-working, and compassionate when taking care of the adults and the students at our school.  We salute Betty for passionately being involved in our work at the Ridge.

Again, thank you Orrick for your generous contributions to our school.

Doug Huscher, Principal Oak Ridge Elementary School