Student Support Center

Ms. Ashley

Student Support Center Coordinator

Ms. Danielle

Times are Tough. There is Hope.

Los tiempos son difíciles. Hay esperanza.

The Oak Ridge Student Support Center is OPEN during the school closure. The SSC is a team of caring professionals who believe in the dignity and worth of all people. Food? Clothing? Shelter? Counseling? Someone to talk to? We are here to support you with whatever you need.

Call or text Ms. Ashley (916) 826-4185 or Ms. Danielle for free confidential help or complete our online referral form.

Family/Caregiver/Teacher Referral

Complete this referral form and we’ll reach out within 24-48 hours Monday-Friday.

Student Self Referral

Times are stressful. Sometimes kids need help, but don’t know how to ask for it. The Student Self Referral form is a way for our students to reach out for help during the school closure. These referrals are read by counselors at the Student Support Center and are kept confidential unless there is a safety concern. If a student completes this form, a SSC staff member will reach out within 24-48 hours.